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U.S. Battery Mfg. Co. and Lester Electrical Join Forces

U.S. Battery Essential Li batteries and Lester chargers

U.S. Battery Mfg. Co. and Lester Electrical Join Forces to Offer Innovative Charging Solutions for New Essential Li® Line

Corona, Calif.- U.S. Battery Mfg. Co., a leading manufacturer of high-quality, deep-cycle batteries, has announced exciting new developments with Lester Electrical, a globally recognized leader in battery charging technology. The collaboration has resulted in the development of advanced algorithms for Lester’s state-of-the-art chargers, specifically optimized for use with U.S. Battery’s new line of ESSENTIAL Li® Deep-Cycle Lithium-Ion batteries.

By combining the companies’ power conversion and battery technology expertise, Lester Electrical and U.S. Battery Mfg. Co. have created a powerful new solution for customers seeking an advanced, high-performance battery charging system. With the new algorithms, Lester’s 650W, 1050W, and 1425W chargers offer fast charging times and improved overall performance when combined with U.S. Battery’s 24-volt and 48-volt Deep-Cycle Lithium-Ion batteries.

The algorithm development results from extensive collaboration between Lester Electrical and U.S. Battery Mfg. Co.’s engineering teams. Both companies are committed to providing exceptional performance and reliability in all their products, and this new effort is the latest in a long history of joint development work.

“This collaboration with Lester Electrical is an important milestone for us in our quest to provide the best battery solutions for our customers,” added Zack Cox, U.S. Battery Mfg. Co.’s Executive V.P. of Operations: “We are proud to work with a company that shares our commitment to quality and innovation.”

With the launch of the new algorithms, customers can now experience the exceptional performance and reliability of U.S. Battery’s Deep-Cycle Lithium-Ion batteries, combined with the advanced technology of Lester Electrical’s chargers. This partnership is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, and both companies are excited to bring this new solution to the market.

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