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Efficient Venting For Battery Maintenance

Diagram of Open and Close position of SpeedCaps
Diagram of Open and Close position of SpeedCaps

The electrolyte in deep-cycle Flooded Lead-Acid (FLA) batteries absorbs the gas bubbles generated at the positive and negative plates during the charging process and allows them to rise to the surface. To facilitate the dispersion of these gases, U.S. Battery offers a specially designed SpeedCap™ vent cap. Unlike traditional caps, the SpeedCap™ features a cantilever mount, allowing for the easy removal of multiple battery cells with a single twist, ensuring hassle-free battery maintenance while maintaining a proper seal and adequate gas venting.

The easy removal of the SpeedCap™ makestaking a hydrometer reading it effortless to check the fluid levels and assess the state of charge of each battery cell using a hydrometer. However, it is important to note that during the process of removing and reinstalling the vent caps for maintenance, there is a risk of improper sealing, which may result in electrolyte spillage and subsequent corrosion on terminals and surrounding areas.

To counter this, U.S. Battery has integrated an efficient design in its SpeedCap™, incorporating a tightening ramp to guarantee proper sealing upon reinstallation. This tightening ramp makes tightening to the proper level much easier.  Moreover, the SpeedCap™ boasts a larger diameter flange that ensures full overlap of the SpeedCap with the battery vent well during installation.  This assures a good seal even with a small amount of side-to-side movement to prevent misalignment on the sealing surface. This dynamic self-adjustment mechanism delivers a tight fit between the barrel and cylinder, maintaining compression between the sealing gasket and vent-well surface, thereby preventing electrolyte spillage and maintaining optimal venting during charging and everyday operations.

To achieve proper venting and to prevent electrolyte from escaping, U.S. Battery’s SpeedCap™ is equipped with 0.750-inch diameter porous discs, which ensure appropriate venting while maintaining flame arresting capability to prevent gas ignition within the battery. Additionally, the caps feature multiple vent holes to prevent internal pressure buildup and to prevent potential blocking in dirty environments.

Given that deep-cycle batteries find application in golf carts, aerial platform lifts, RVs, boats, and other mobile equipment, the SpeedCap™ design by U.S. Battery mitigates electrolyte spillage and accounts for movement-induced factors. With U.S. Battery SpeedCap™, rest assured that the vent caps are securely sealed, guaranteeing optimal performance, preventing electrolyte spillage, and maintaining proper venting during charging and regular battery operation.

U.S. Battery SpeedCaps™ features double-sided internal baffles equipped with multi-directional channels and a sloped center-hole return drain. These innovative designs aim to effectively route battery electrolyte back into the cell, contributing to top-notch FLA deep-cycle battery valve cap performance. Our SpeedCap™ is just one example of the meticulous attention to detail that distinguishes our products, ensuring exceptional performance compared to competitors in the market.

Diagram of properly installing Speedcaps

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