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U.S. Battery Manufacturing Celebrates National Clean Energy Week

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Celebrates National Clean Energy Week

U.S. Battery Manufacturing and the Battery Council International (BCI) celebrate National Clean Energy Week, a week-long look into the industries and innovations that provide clean and sustainable energy. The goal is to discuss policies and inform consumers and various industries about the role of the battery industry in the transition to cleaner energy.

As an example, flooded lead-acid batteries are currently a clean source of energy for a variety of industries worldwide, which is also sustainable due to its infrastructure that includes a near 100-percent recycling rate in the U.S. Used widely in the golf car, aerial platform, crane, cleaning machine, RV, and marine industries, lead-batteries have helped a movement towards less-waste and zero emissions. Lead-acid batteries also provide a clean energy storage solution for renewable energy sources, bolstering energy grids, smoothing power variability, and preventing disruptions.

Economically, the battery industry provides $26.3-billion in revenue to the nation’s economy, impacting suppliers, worker spending, transportation, and distribution sectors. According to the Battery Council International (BCI), the international trade association of battery manufacturers, an estimated $1.7 billion is put into payroll within an industry of approximately 25,000 workers in the United States.

U.S. Battery is proud to be a part of this effort and continually encourages its customers to recycle and use battery power where ever possible. For more information on National Clean Energy Week, including information on the Flagship Policy Makers Symposium discussions happening this week. Visit: https://nationalcleanenergyweek.org

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