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U.S. Battery Donates To The Travel Town Museum Foundation in Los Angeles, Ca, To Help Preserve Railroading History

U.S. Battery has donated four of its 8-volt, 15-4-1 deep-cycle batteries to Travel Town Foundation in Los Angeles, California. The foundation restores various old trains that showcase the history of transportation in the American southwest. “U.S. Battery has been a sponsor since 2017, helping us with batteries we need to power and start many of these trains that have specific energy requirements,” says Nancy Gneier, Executive Director at the Travel Town Museum Foundation.

Over the years, U.S. Battery deep-cycle batteries have gone into a 1929 M.177 Motocar, and a 1941 “Charley Atkins” ElectroMotive. Since these vehicles use complicated circuits for the electrical system and starting system, the U.S. Batteries typically made for marine applications, work well to keep these vehicles alive. “We fully support the Travel Town Foundation in their efforts to educate and preserve a piece of railroad history,” said Don Wallace, U.S. Battery COO.  “If this small donation will help the foundation keep serving the community and helping kids, then we’re proud to be a part of it.”

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