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US 48VGC2 vs. US 48V105: Lithium-ion Golf Cart Batteries Compared

US 48V105 and US 48VGC2 batteries w/ logo

Selecting the best 48V Lithium-Ion Battery for Your Equipment Many golf car owners are considering transitioning from AGM or Flooded Lead Acid (FLA) batteries to a new 48-volt Lithium-ion option. There is a lot of discussion about which 48V Lithium-ion battery is the best option. With two 48-volt deep-cycle batteries in its line-up, U.S. Battery […]

Avid Golfer Makes the Switch to Lithium-Ion Golf Cart Batteries

Greg Read's golf car after switching to US 48VGC2 Lithium-Ion batteries

With the rise of Lithium-ion (Li) technology, many customers are looking to see what the benefits are of taking the plunge and switching from lead-acid to Lithium-Ion batteries. The maintenance-free operation, faster charging, and long life make them an appealing option for many golf cart owners. Greg Read, a Palm Desert, California Relator, is an […]

See U.S. Battery’s New US 48V105 Essential Li® Battery at The PGA Show

US 48V105 with Essential Li® logo

U.S. Battery Mfg. Co. is excited to showcase its latest innovation in golf car applications – the Essential Li® US 48V105, a 48-volt Lithium-Ion deep-cycle battery. This cutting-edge battery boasts a high amp-hour rating of 105 Ah and is housed in an exceptionally durable steel case with an IP67-rated construction. The battery is designed for […]


Preparing deep-cycle batteries for winter

As colder temperatures approach, it’s a good time to start preparing your deep-cyle golf car batteries for proper operation or long-term storage during winter. There are various types of battery technologies, and each one performs differently in cold weather. Because of this, it’s important to know the differences and how to prepare them for a […]

Replacement Batteries For Club Car Golf Carts

Club car

Club Car golf carts have been around for nearly 60 years, producing a variety of battery-powered golf cars, utility, and personal use vehicles. As most owners of these vehicles know, proper battery maintenance is key to longevity and reliability, but eventually, the batteries will need to be replaced.    When it comes time to replace […]

US 48V GC2

US 48V GC2 Lithium-Ion battery

US 48V GC2 Voltage 51.2-Volt Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion US 48V GC2 Dimensions Length: 10.24” (260mm)Width: 7.09” (180mm)Height: 11.04” (280mm) Weight: 32.2 lbs (14.6 kg) Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery Certifications UN 38.3 UL2580 (Cells) UL2271 (Pack) Application Wherever Maintenance-Free, Leak Proof, Deep Cycle 48-volt batteries are needed. US 48V GC2 Data Capacity: 30AhMax Continuous Discharge […]

US 48V 105

US 48V105 Essential Li® deep cycle battery

US 48V 105 Voltage 51.2-Volt Deep Cycle Lithium-Ion US 48V 105 Dimensions Width: 12.60” (320mm)Length: 17.44” (443mm)Height: 10.32” (262mm) Weight: 92.6 lbs (42 kg) Type Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) battery Application Wherever Maintenance-Free, Leak Proof, Deep Cycle 48-volt batteries are needed. US 48V 105 Data Capacity: 105AhMax Continuous Discharge Current: 150AMax. 30S Discharge Current: 250AMax. 10S […]