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National Battery Day 2024

National Battery Day: Electrifying Our World with Sustainable Energy Practices

February 18th is National Battery Day, and it celebrates the critical role batteries play in meeting our energy storage and sustainability demands! It’s the day we honor the ground-breaking strides in battery innovation and appreciate how integral batteries are to our evolving energy needs.

Lead batteries have become a beacon for green energy solutions. Not only do they lead in efficiency, but they also hold the unique distinction of being nearly 100 percent recyclable within the industry’s  closed-loop system. This innovative practice keeps defunct batteries from landing in our landfills, contributing to a more sustainable future.

You, too, can become a part of this incredible journey this National Battery Day. Start by educating yourself on the proper disposal methods of used batteries before collecting them for recycling. Organizations like www.call2recycle.org, a renowned non-profit national entity, can aid in your mission, guiding you on discerning between different battery types and locating convenient recycling centers and disposal options nearby.

Intriguing Facts about Battery Recycling:

Lead-Acid battery recycling infographic

Economic Impact:

The US Battery Industry doesn’t just provide energy, it fuels economies too. With a scalable infrastructure that satisfies the burgeoning power needs of diverse sectors, it stands as a cornerstone of economic growth.

Next Steps:

Become a part of this sustainable movement. Gather your old batteries and drop them at a local store, organization, or recycling facility. Remember to identify the type of battery you’re recycling correctly; lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries follow different recycling methods. Unsure of how or where to dispose of your used batteries? Visit www.call2recycle.org to find a local drop-off point. For further insights into battery recycling processes, explore www.batterycouncil.org.

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