Getting More Power From Your Aerial Lift

Replacement Batteries For Aerial Lifts

When working on a job site it is necessary for equipment operators to get the most battery life out of your scissor lifts.  High-quality Deep Cycle batteries can provide you with years of reliable cost efficient power.  Choosing the right batteries and properly maintaining them is crucial to get the most out of your lift.

Picking the Correct Battery

When selecting a replacement battery it is important to refer to the lift manufacturer’s specifications.  Most lifts use either 6V or 12V batteries, but not all batteries are able to supply sufficient power for every lift. The size of the lift, its lift capacity, and the lift’s intended application help determine its power requirements.

For Example:

  • JLG’s ES Series and R Series scissor lifts utilize a 24V system requiring four 6V batteries with a minimum rating of 220 amp-hours. Batteries like the U.S. Battery  US 2000 XC2 or US 2200 XC2 are ideal for these power requirements.
  • While the JLG LE Series scissor lifts are a 48V system and require eight 6V batteries with a minimum rating of 370 amp-hours. Making our US L16 XC2 the perfect fit for this series of lifts.


Maintaining Your Deep Cycle Batteries

Committing to a regular maintenance regimen is essential to increasing your lift’s battery life.  Regularly doing the following can also greatly reduce your operating costs:

For a full list of proper Deep Cycle Battery Care & Maintenance procedures please see our Care & Maintenance page or download our Care & Maintenance brochure.

U.S. Battery Deep Cycle batteries are handcrafted in the U.S.A. The batteries also feature our exclusive XC2 formulation that gives them the highest initial capacity, fastest cycle-up time to full-rated capacity, improved recharge-ability, and the highest total energy delivered than any battery in their class.

Do you have a Skyjack, Snorkel, Genie, or another type aerial lift and want to know what U.S. Battery product would work best for you? Then please leave a comment below.


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    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace says:

      Hi Tom,
      Many factors can impact battery life. They include the number of times the batteries have been cycled, the depth of discharge, the operating temperature, and whether or not they have been properly maintained. If your batteries have been properly maintained they have an average operational life of 5-7 years. They will more than likely experience a decline in performance as they age, but it should not be significant enough to warrant replacement.

  1. Thomas Kimball
    Thomas Kimball says:

    How often should I charge my JLG 1930ES sissor lift batteries. I’ m a retired contractor and I only use my lift to change bulbs in my shop etc. or other hi up job. ( 1 or 2 times a year). Can one disconnect the + cable when in store mod. My lift has 4 6v JLG 232 ah batteries, as to how old I don’t know. What do 4 new batteries cost?

    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace says:

      Hi Thomas,
      Flooded lead-acid batteries can be placed into storage for a few months before they need to be recharged depending on the conditions. This is highly dependent on the state of charge of the battery going into storage and the temperature of the storage environment. As can be seen in the chart, a battery at 80F will lose ~20% of its charge in one month. Leaving lead acid batteries in a discharged state for extended periods changes the active material in the cells decreasing the effective capacity and causing the battery to resist charging. An easy option to prevent this is to leave your batteries on a battery tender when your scissor lift is not in use. The tender will make sure your batteries remain fully charged throughout storage. If this is not an option follow the steps listed below.
      U.S. Battery Self-Discharge Rate Chart

      To effectively store your batteries follow these steps:

      1. Charge the batteries fully; 100% state of charge.
      2. Disconnect the positive cable to ensure the batteries are on an open circuit.
      3. Recharge the batteries when they would reach 80% state of charge based on the above chart.

      Remember to top-off your batteries with distilled water. Dry cells are the number one cause for premature battery failure!

      The MSRP is $161.23ea for replacement batteries; although with the core exchange you will probably see them sold for less.

    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace says:

      Hi Jeff,

      Our US 2200 XC2 batteries are an excellent option for the GR20 Roundabout. Please use our Dealer Locator to find the an Authorized Distributor near you. They can answer any questions you have about pricing.

      Click Here to Find a Dealer

      -Mike Wallace, Creative Manager

  2. Jagadish Kumar
    Jagadish Kumar says:

    We have jlg1350sjp, jlg600s and jlg400s . What battery do you suggest to fulfill our requirements and please let us know if you have any distributors in india?

    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace says:

      Hi Jagadish,

      Can you tell us the dimensions and voltage of the batteries currently in your machines?

      -Mike Wallace


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