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U.S. Battery Donation Powers Physics Factory Buses

Installation of donated US L16XC2 batteries on Physics bus

U.S. Battery’s support for the Physics Factory has helped make learning physics fun for kids since 2015. Through their Physics Busses equipped with U.S. Battery products, the Physics Factory visits schools and events nationwide, bringing exciting experiments to children.

Recently, the Ithaca, New York bus received a donation of US L16XC2 deep-cycle batteries. This bus will now be able to bring experiments and knowledge to school kids throughout the region. “We’ve had up to 10,000 kids go through one Physics Bus in a year,” says Erik Herman Physics Bus Founder. “We really believe everyone can connect to physics and understand their world better, including having a perspective of energy demands of our future.”

When powered by U.S. Battery, the Physics Buses can house various interactive exhibits like fog generators, microwave ovens, and tube-type televisions. “With our bank of U.S. Battery L16s, we are able to run three straight days 10 hour days without worrying about running out of power,” says Herman. “We’re also good about checking water levels frequently and charging. We never worry about charging the batteries on the California bus as it is solar powered, and the panels generate enough electricity to recharge the batteries consistently.”

To learn more about the Physics Factory and its fleet of Physics Busses, visit: https://www.physicsfactory.org/.

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