U.S. Battery
US AGM 12V240

US AGM 12V240


12-Volt Deep Cycle Sealed AGM


Length: 15.03” (382mm)
Width: 7.04” (179mm)
Height: 14.5” (370mm)

Weight: 140lbs (63.5kg)


Sealed Non-Spillable Lead Acid (AGM)

US AGM 12V240


Wherever Sealed, Leak
Proof, Deep Cycle 12-volt
batteries are needed.


20 Hour Rate: 230
5 Hour Rate: 203
Minutes of Discharge @ 75 Amps: 145
Minutes of Discharge @ 56 Amps: 205
Minutes of Discharge @ 25 Amps: 522

Case Material

Polypropylene / Heat Sealed

US AGM 12V240 Terminal Options:



Additional Information

All of U.S. Battery’s Deep Cycle AGM Batteries feature the latest and most advanced paste and plate making technologies available.

Our Premium Deep Cycle AGM Batteries are Sealed and Maintenance Free. They will not leak, and can withstand most freezing temperatures.

U.S.Battery’s Deep Cycle AGM products offer several advantages over both conventional flooded and GEL lead acid battery types. Engineered with the electrolyte absorbed in glass-mats (AGM) and surrounding the plates, they will not spill if broken. This design also allows users to use the batteries to be used on their side. With no free liquid to cause damage if frozen, our AGM Batteries are rarely damaged by freezing temperatures. Heat generation is reduced during the charge and discharge cycle, providing you longer and more reliable life cycles. All of U.S.Battery’s AGM products have very low self discharge rates allowing our batteries to be stored for longer periods of time without the need to boost charge as often. Hydrogen gas emission is minimal, allowing U.S.Battery’s AGM products to be used in areas with enclosed spaces (but not in sealed or gas-tight containers)

All of our sealed AGM batteries are specifically manufactured for U.S. Battery under our guidelines assuring our customers they are being provided the highest quality AGM batteries available.

U.S. Battery Product Comparison

US AGM 12V240

US 185E XC2

US 185 XC2

US 185HC XC2

ChemistryAGMFlooded Lead-Acid
Flooded Lead-Acid
Flooded Lead-Acid
Dimensions15.03″L x 7.04″W x 14.5″H15.625″L x 7.0625″W x 14.625″H15.625″L x 7.0625″W x 14.625″H
15.625″L x 7.0625″W x 14.625″H
BCI Group Size921921921921
Standard TerminalDualOffset “S”
Offset “S”
Offset “S”
20 Hour Rate230185200220
Min. @75 Amps14593106117
Min. @25 Amps522355398443