U.S. Battery Products Continue Working After Nearly Ten Years Of Continuous Use

With an estimated 3,000 cycles from two U.S. Battery products, one Illinois homeowner continues to use two nine-year-old 12-volt deep-cycle batteries to power a sump pump on his property. Ray Montonera’s lakeside home in Lake Zurich, Illinois is subject to flooding from rising groundwater levels. So it’s important that the sump pump in his basement is capable of operating 24/7. After contacting U.S. Battery about the USB 185 12-volt deep-cycle batteries installed on the system from the previous owners, the serial numbers indicated the batteries were nine years old.

“We live close to a lake where the ground water is high,” said Montonera. “We wanted to make sure our sump pump was protected with a battery backup system and discovered the previous owners had installed an industrial sump pump with U.S. Battery products. When I got around to checking the batteries, I saw that the water levels were low. I filled them back up and contacted U.S. Battery to see if this would damage them. After giving them the serial numbers, I discovered these batteries were ten years old and still operating!”

Montonera’s sump pump system consists of two motors and AC/DC converters that constantly switch back and forth to keep the batteries charged. “The system runs frequently, and in the summer is on and off about every two minutes,” said Montonera.

“We figured the low Depth of Discharge and constant use, kept our U.S. Battery 185 12V units constantly charged and operating for a long time,” said Zachary Cox, U.S. Battery Manager Product & Process Engineering. “We know we build reliable products, but for two 12-volts lasting 10 years, it was encouraging for us to realize our efforts and commitment to quality are working.”

“For me, it was encouraging that a company like U.S. Battery would answer my questions and provide that level of service,” said Montonera. For more information on U.S. Battery products visit www.usbattery.com.