U.S. Battery’s Trans Tasman Dealers Expect Significant Market Growth With New Acquisitions By Hellaby Holdings

One of U.S. Battery’s largest Trans Tasman dealers, Hellaby Holdings, Parent Company for U.S. Battery distributor Ryde/Federal Battery, expects significant market growth with the latest acquisition of JAS Oceana Pty Limited. JAS Oceana Pty Limited, is an Australian national distributor of auto electrical, automotive air-conditioning, and lighting components. The company incorporated in 2005 and has since become the largest supplier of these products in the Australian marketplace.
According to Hellaby Holdings, the acquisition of JAS Oceana adds to the company’s diverse investment portfolio. “JAS Oceania has a highly complementary product range to Hellaby’s other Australian Automotive businesses including, Federal Batteries,” said Hellaby Managing Director John Williamson.

This latest acquisition by Hellaby Holdings will give Ryde/Federal Batteries an opportunity for substantial growth in a variety of market segments in the Trans Tasman region. “We are excited with this acquisition, as it gives us the opportunity to work with U.S. Battery Manufacturing and its team with an aim to achieving significant growth of the U.S. Battery range of products within the Federal business,” says Stuart King, General Manager at Federal Batteries.
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