U.S. Battery’s 12VRX XC2

US Battery’s 12VRX XC2 is a popular choice for 12-volt deep cycle batteries used in a variety of applications. Originally designed for the 48-volt EZGO RXV vehicles without watering systems, the 12VRX has become popular in many other 48-volt and 72-volt golf cars in addition to equipment in applications such as aerial work platforms, recreational vehicles, and floor cleaning machines.

US Battery developed the 12VRX as a substitute to the popular 12VXC battery in order to address the difficulty of manually watering the rear battery on RXV golf cars. The cell vents on the 12VRX are configured horizontally on the battery as opposed to the chevron or “V” shaped spacing of the 12VXC. This allows the battery to be manually watered in equipment where space is limited or where batteries are partially covered. In addition to being easier to water, the 12VRX also differs from the 12VXC in how it is lifted. The 12VRX contains lifting tabs on top of the battery that eliminates the need for the handles located on the ends of the 12VXC. This saves almost a full inch in length, allowing the 12VRX to be installed in tight compartments where the 12VXC does not fit.

While the 12VRX is only compatible with Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) watering systems, the 12VXC is compatible with both Flowrite and BWT watering systems. For RXV golf cars with existing watering systems, US Battery offers a third 12-volt deep cycle battery called the 12VXZ. This battery is designed to fit in the RXV vehicles and still be compatible with the OEM Flowrite watering kits. Of all three batteries, the 12VRX is the most universal in regards to fitment.

U.S. Battery’s 12VRX offers unique advantages for a variety of applications. Advantages include providing high capacity (155 Amp Hours at the 20-hour rate), the ability to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles than other batteries in its class, and the ability to provide the most total energy throughout the life of the battery. This premium battery is part of the company’s Endurance Plus™ line of batteries, designed to provide high value and optimum performance. U.S. Battery products are manufactured and assembled by hand in the U.S.A. See U.S. Battery’s full line of 12-volt deep cycle batteries here https://usbattery.com/products/12-volt-batteries/




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  1. Richard Brian
    Richard Brian says:

    We use the US12VRX battery in our golf buggies.
    The buggies go out on average 9 holes a day.
    Can anyone advise how often they require water refill?

    Thanks, Rich, Head Professional, Bruntsfield Links Golfing Society, EDINBURGH.

    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace says:

      Hi Rich,

      Thank you for choosing the US12VRX for your golf buggies!

      The frequency of watering depends on a few factors, but mainly on how often and to what extent the batteries are used. Our engineers recommend checking the electrolyte once a month and topping off when needed. Use only distilled water and do not overfill! Below is an image that will help you determine the proper fill line.

      We recommend you take some time to read through this webpage:

      Following the care and maintenance tips on that page will help you get the most out of your investment!
      Tip #6 applies directly to your inquiry!

      -Mike Wallace, Creative Manager

  2. Paul Smith
    Paul Smith says:

    I purchased a Yamaha golf buggy and it has two US12VRX BATTERIES i have picture can you advise me on them. As I need 4 they are big heavy batteries I know nothing about them.

    • Mike Wallace
      Mike Wallace says:

      Hi Paul,

      Thank you for your interest in U.S. Battery Mfg. Co.! Where are you located? I would be happy to put you in contact with someone that can answer any questions you have.

      -Mike Wallace, Director of Marketing


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