U.S. Battery Provides Local Animal Sanctuary With New Batteries To Power It’s Electric Car Fleet

U.S. Battery Manufacturing donated new Golf Car batteries to the Living Free Animal Sanctuary located in Mountain Center, California. The Living Free Animal Sanctuary is a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to saving the lives of cats and dogs that are orphaned, or would otherwise be euthanized. “Living Free expresses its deepest appreciation to U.S. Battery Manufacturing for its generous donation of batteries, which were in desperate need of replacement in all the electric vehicles at Living Free,” says Clay Helgren, Marketing Manager for Living Free.

The sanctuary has 153 acres in which several electric vehicles are used for transportation around the large facility. “Living Free relies heavily on its four and eight passenger vehicles to provide transportation for seniors and handicapped visitors, who would otherwise miss out on the exceptional tours of our rescue campus,” says Helgren. “Electric vehicles reduce Living Free’s fuel and vehicle expenses, while helping the environment by lessening its carbon footprint. With the help of U.S. Battery Manufacturing, Living Free is up and running at full power with its vehicles for many years to come.”
U.S. Battery donated its US2200 golf car batteries to help Living Free continue its day-to-day operations. Along with two tour vehicles, the organization also has others that are used for various routine chores and maintenance throughout the facility.

“Our donation of batteries for Living Free’s fleet of electric vehicles, is only a small token of appreciation for the sanctuary’s hard work and dedication to providing a humane solution to dog and cat overpopulation,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive Vice President. “We wanted to make sure their electric vehicles would function at maximum capacity and allow Living Free to continue its care for abandoned and mistreated animals.”

The Living Free Animal Sanctuary was founded in 1980 by Emily Jo Beard, who purchased the property, dedicated her life to orphaned cats and dogs, and educates people to respect and value animals. For more information on Living Free Animal Sanctuary, or to make a donation, contact Living Free Animal Sanctuary, P.O. Box 5, 54250 Keen Camp Road, Mountain Center, CA 92561 (951) 659-4687. Visit them online at www.living-free.org.

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