U.S. Battery Manufacturing Now Offers Improved UTL-Style Battery Terminals

U.S. Battery Manufacturing now features an improved UTL terminal design, which provides greater resistance to torque failure caused by over tightening and constant re-tightening of leads to the battery. “These new terminals have a unique design in which a stainless steel hex head stud fits loosely in the terminal housing,” says Fred Wehmeyer, Senior VP Engineering for U.S. Battery Manufacturing. “The bottom of the terminal is swaged to capture the bolt and hold it firmly in place within the terminal. The result is a tremendous improvement in its longevity, while reducing the need to constantly re-tighten connecting leads to the battery.”  According to Wehmeyer, the new terminals operate much the same as bolt-thru designs like the offset ‘S’ or ‘L’ terminals that are completely loose until the hardware is installed and tightened to the proper torque value.

Manufactured from pressure die-cast lead alloy, U.S. Battery’s new UTL terminals are more rugged and less prone to failure. They’re installed on all U.S. Battery US12VXC products and average 350 inch-pounds of torque, versus 240 inch-pounds for standard terminals found on most competitive batteries. “Since the recommended torque to tighten UTL terminals is 100+5 inch-pounds, there should never be a torque failure with our unique, pressure die-cast terminals,” says Wehmeyer.
“Many of our competitors are claiming these new terminals are inferior because they appear loose, prior to installation” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/ Executive VP, Sales and Marketing. “The facts are that it does not matter if the bolt is loose prior to tightening. What matters is that when the proper torque applied, the hex head nut, in combination with the supplied split ring washer, make a superior connection!“

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