U.S. Battery Manufacturing Helps Power The Screamin’ Eagles Powerchair Soccer Team

U.S. Battery Manufacturing donated several of its deep-cycle batteries to the North Georgia Screamin’ Eagles Power-Soccer Team, to help its members continue to participate in a sport that improves self-esteem, instills confidence and promotes a higher quality of life. “I am extremely grateful for U.S. Battery’s generous donation of batteries and a charging system,” said Justin Pressley, President of Access to a Better Tomorrow, Inc., and Head Coach & Co-Founder of the North Georgia Screamin’ Eagles. “This helps the team by allowing it to get the powerchairs that we have refurbished for use on the court, so more disabled individuals can start playing and competing. The costs to play the game are high because they often include transportation, personal assistant services for more severely disabled individuals, and equipment. Having strong batteries are key to having a strong team, and the batteries provided to us will make the team stronger.”

Power Soccer is the fastest growing adaptive sport in the world and is played as a four-on-four competition by powered wheelchair users. It combines the skill of the wheelchair user with the chair itself in a game similar to soccer that is played in a gymnasium on a regulation basketball court. Two teams of four power wheelchair users attack, defend, and spin-kick a 13-inch soccer ball in an attempt to score goals. Organized by the United States Power Soccer Association (USPSA) the North Georgia Screamin Eagles is one of many teams that struggle for support to keep empowering people in wheelchairs with the ability to participate in an active sport. “The Screamin’ Eagles and the USPSA are great organizations that truly help many individuals live a more fulfilled life,” says Mike Wallace, Creative Manager for U.S. Battery Manufacturing. “Powered wheelchairs are expensive and if we can help keep them running longer, it will allow the team to continue to operate and grow in a positive way.”

For more information on the North Georgia Screamin’ Eagles power soccer team and the USPSA, visit their website at www.ngascreamingeagles.org. U.S.Battery is proud to support this and other charitable organizations with many of its products that are manufactured in the U.S.A. and distributed worldwide. For more information, contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit www.usbattery.com.

Members of Screamin Eagles Power Soccer Team

Justin Pressley, head coach of the Screamin’ Eagles (far right) with some of the team members. Photo courtesy Justin Pressley