U.S. Battery Manufacturing Expands Its Manufacturing And Distribution Plant In Augusta, Georgia

U.S. Battery is currently expanding its manufacturing and distribution plant in Augusta, Georgia, due to increased growth for deep-cycle batteries within the region. As the leading deep-cycle battery manufacturer, the expansion will help the company meet higher production needs and faster delivery times necessary to maintain the superior customer service levels its extensive customer base currently enjoys. “We have increased this plant’s floor space by 35 percent,” says Terry Agrelius, President and CEO of U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company. “The added capacity in production and warehousing were necessary to meet the growing demands for U.S. Battery products within our varied worldwide marketplaces.”

According to Agrelius, U.S. Battery has experienced a 30 percent growth in the golf car, sweeper scrubber, renewable energy, AWP, and recreational markets. Much of the success is attributed to the fact that U.S. Battery products consistently exceed performance expectations, especially when compared to other battery manufacturers.  “Our worldwide customer base continues to grow at a rapid rate despite the economic challenges currently experienced within the global market,” says Agrelius. “U.S. Battery customers have come to rely upon the history of consistently high quality products and long standing integrity, which began with the company’s founder John E. Anderson. Our current management team has kept up with Anderson’s philosophy, and it remains at the forefront of all our business decisions.”

The plant expansion has also brought with it a 38 percent growth in the employee base. “Making sure our products are custom made in the U.S.A is an important part of our business,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/ Executive VP, Sales and Marketing. “This expansion not only increases production and distribution, but also helps provide additional jobs for the local economy.” U.S. Battery manufactures a variety of deep-cycle batteries that are all manufactured in the U.S.A. and are distributed worldwide. For more information, contact U.S. Battery 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit www.usbattery.com.