U.S. Battery Manufacturing Earns Hyster-Yale Group’s Preferred Supplier Status

After a comprehensive review by Hyster-Yale Group’s Supplier Quality Engineering team (SQE), U.S. Battery Manufacturing achieved Preferred Supplier Status, the highest rating any supplier to the company can achieve. Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc., designs, manufactures and sells handling equipment that is used in more than 700 industries globally. U.S. Battery Manufacturing is a supplier of flooded lead-acid batteries to the company, which are used in the various battery powered Hyster-Yale vehicles.

The company’s large global presence requires that its suppliers, like U.S. Battery Manufacturing, follow strict quality, reliability, and efficiency guidelines to maintain Hyster-Yale’s high-quality expectations. U.S. Battery achieved that status by its commitment to providing the highest quality product and services to Hyster-Yale. According to Hyster-Yale’s SQE team, U.S. Battery Manufacturing achieved high ranks in cost, quality, and delivery. “There is no way that U.S. Battery Manufacturing could have achieved Preferred Supplier Status without the full cooperation of everyone from our customer service to shipping departments,” said George Stratis, U.S. Battery Southeastern Regional Sales Manager.

Large or small, U.S. Battery is committed to providing a high-level of service to its customers and with a proven track record of product reliability, delivery, and customer service, U.S. Battery proudly carries its Preferred Supplier Status with Hyster-Yale as proof of the company’s capabilities. For more information, on U.S. Battery products, visit www.usbattery.com.