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U.S. Battery And TCED Intl Inc. Come To A Positive Settlement After A Dispute Over The Use Of Red-Colored Deep-Cycle Batteries

U.S. Battery Manufacturing and TCED Intl Inc. (Trans-Canada Energies Distribution) have come to a settlement benefiting both parties over the disagreement of distributing deep-cycle batteries with a red-colored top and case in Canada.

The dispute began in 2017 when U.S. Battery was unaware of TCED’s Canadian trademark registrations to the all-red color used in a private line of deep-cycle batteries sold within the franchise’s group.

Both companies have now entered into an agreement that allows U.S. Battery to continue its distribution of an all-red colored battery line within Canada under a specialized licensing agreement with TCED. U.S. Battery also becomes one of TCED’s official suppliers of red-colored lead-acid batteries sold under house brands, Trans-Canada and Batteries Expert Bolts series, both of which are sold through retail stores and more. The Batteries Expert banner is operated by B.E. Franchises Inc., a corporation owned by TCED.

“We are very happy to see this matter finally settled in such a positive manner,” said Donald Wallace, COO, U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company. “U.S. Battery is looking forward to working with the TCED team to expand both of our businesses throughout the Quebec market.”

Within the agreement, TCED is appointed by U.S. Battery as its Tier-1 authorized distributor of USB products within the Provence of Quebec and will serve as purchasers of USB products across Canada. “We are very happy that this matter was resolved positively,” Stated Elise Rozon, CEO, TCED INTL INC. “TCED is looking forward to establishing a long term partnership with USB throughout Quebec’s market.”


About U.S. Battery Manufacturing:

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Company was founded in 1926 and is currently one of the largest global producers of premium deep-cycle batteries. The company has three manufacturing locations, one in Corona, California and two in Augusta, Georgia.

About TCED Intl Inc.:

TCED INTL Inc. has been distributing portable and renewable energy solutions since 1964. Located on the South Shore of Montreal in Quebec, the company is considered an industry leader throughout North America. The inventor of the Booster PAC®, a revolutionary portable battery boosting system, TCED has always strived to be at the leading edge of technology by offering its clients innovative solutions.

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