Keep The Batteries In Your Golf Car During Winter Storage

Golf car owners often develop their methods of battery maintenance from talking to other golf car owners. The problem is that not all of these methods are always correct and can lead to poor battery performance. According to one U.S. Battery dealer, Jim Naughton Sr. at Jim’s Cart N Parts in Milton, Wisconsin, he’s heard many stories of battery maintenance, especially from elderly customers from retirement communities.

Cart N Parts is a large dealer of new and used golf cars and is located in an area where there are lots of retirement communities where the elderly use golf cars to get around. During the winter months, one consistent maintenance myth he hears is to remove the batteries from the golf car when it’s in storage. “Some people think they need to take out the batteries, not realizing that the golf car can help shield the batteries from the cold,” says Naughton.

According to Naughton and engineers at U.S. Battery, to properly store a golf car away for the winter, keep the batteries in the vehicle and fully charge them. This will help prevent the electrolyte from expanding in freezing temperatures, which can damage the batteries. Most new chargers have a charging maintenance feature, allowing the charger to remain plugged in all winter to keep batteries fully charged until the spring. Following these tips, with regular maintenance, will allow your golf car batteries to provide optimum performance and extend their life. For more information and safety tips on battery maintenance, visit

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