Initial Capacity Comparison

How U.S. Battery Achieves The Highest Initial Capacity With No Cycle Loss

One of the best ways to compare deep-cycle batteries, is to look at the initial capacity when the battery is new, right out of the box as shipped. Many deep-cycle battery manufacturers use an old school approach and simply use higher specific gravity acid (AKA: Hot Acid) to achieve high initial capacity readings. At U.S. Battery, we do not use higher specific gravity acid. Higher specific gravity acid does give a higher initial capacity, but the sacrifice is shortened cycle life.

We encourage customers to check for themselves by using a hydrometer on one of our brand new, out of the box US8VGC-XC2 batteries. The results will speak for themselves. At U.S. Battery,  we use XC2™ to achieve the high initial capacity without sacrificing cycle life. Without a doubt, this provides more power out of the box than our closest competitor and produces a longer cycle life too. For more information, visit our website at, or contact us at (800) 695-0945.