Golf Car News Features U.S. Battery Products In The March/April 2017 Issue

The March/April 2017 issue of Golf Car News is the publication’s annual battery guide, which features U.S. Battery’s new Endurance Plus™ line on the cover. The Endurance Plus battery line includes six, eight and 12-volt batteries that offer improved performance and higher overall efficiency at a better value.

The Golf Car News battery guide features a listing of golf car battery specs from seven different manufacturers, providing insightful specifications on the most popular batteries for the industry and personal use. The issue also features an in-depth article from U.S. Battery’s Senior VP of Engineering, Fred Wehmeyer, who offers tips on comparing batteries. The article explains that battery manufacturers don’t always use the same testing conditions, so the ratings and advertised data on one battery may not be the same on another. The full article in Golf Car News is available on the Golf Car News website that includes a helpful Infographic.

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