One Of The Largest Battery Distributors In Japan, NISCO Corporation, Upgrades Brands To Become One Of U.S. Battery’s Authorized Top-Level Distributors

The NISCO Corporation announced it is now U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s Authorized Top-Level Distributors covering the country of Japan. Based in Tokyo, NISCO is one of the country’s largest battery suppliers providing reliable power to a wide range of industries including, aerial platforms, electric vehicles, renewable energy, marine, emergency power and more. According to Mr. Chikayuki Hayakawa, President of NISCO, the company is “organic” changing continuously to respond to market changes and customer input.

After a 15-year contract with a competitive battery brand, NISCO decided to upgrade its imported deep-cycle battery line completely to U.S. Battery products, in order to provide a greater level of performance and reliability for NISCO’s customers. “In the Japanese society, electricity will be further utilized in the future, and batteries will play a more important role. This is why we want to supply products that are useful for our customer’s electric needs and provide them at a fair price,” says Hayakawa.

NISCO will distribute a wide range of U.S. Battery products including Flooded Lead-Acid and AGM batteries that are used in a variety of industries in Japan and global markets. “We’re very happy to be working with NISCO and have them as the Authorized Top-Level Distributor for Japan,” said Brad Dwan, U.S. Battery’s Director of Sales for Asia, Pacific, Middle East, and Africa. “NISCO is very dedicated to providing its customers with the highest-quality products, and for them to upgrade their deep-cycle product line to using only U.S. Battery products, proves they listen to their surrounding markets and customer base.”

U.S. Battery products with XC2 formulation, consistently provide the highest initial capacity, fastest cycle-up time to full-rated capacity, improved recharge-ability, and the highest total energy delivered than any battery in their class.

For more information on U.S. Battery’s line of AGM and Flooded Lead-Acid batteries, visit the website at

U.S. Battery Launches New Dealer Locator Page Designed To Drive Traffic And Increase Online Branding For The Company’s Top Dealers

U.S. Battery Manufacturing is adding branding power for its dealers by implementing a new Dealer Locator system within the website. The new Dealer Locator page is faster, easier to use, and designed to drive potential customers to a Dealer Branded “mini-site” where additional images, current marketing promotions, featured U.S. Battery products, and direct contact information to expedite sales are all available. “Our new dealer branded mini-sites are a free service we’re offering our top dealers and will give them extra marketing power, placing their business at the forefront of localized online searches,” says Mike Wallace, U.S. Battery Creative Manager. “It’s designed to provide potential customers with information on U.S. Battery Products, and generate leads to drive-up sales from a simple-to-use mobile optimized location.” The program is initially being rolled out in the United States and Canada, with expansion to U.S. Battery’s global network of distributors in the coming months.

U.S. Battery’s new Dealer Locator and branded Dealer Sites, also allow customers to peruse through products by application, and quickly find and view specifications and sizes for U.S. Battery products. The Dealer Sites are maintained by U.S. Battery, to ensure customers have access to the most up-to-date product information.  Dealers are also able to personalize their site’s pages by adding more information about their company, including images of managers and staff, customer testimonials, and much more.

For more information on U.S. Battery’s new Dealer Locator, contact U.S. Battery at (800) 695-0945, or visit them online at

U.S. Battery Collects 204 Christmas Boxes For Needy Children As Part Of Operation Christmas Child

U.S. Battery Manufacturing is part of Operation Christmas Child (OCC), a program run by the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Organization. The Christian organization collects shoe boxes filled with various items such as toys, toothbrushes, soap, and books for children and sends them to pastors and community leaders in more than 100 countries. From there the boxes are distributed to children as part of a Christian outreach program.

“This is U.S. Battery’s second year participating in the program where boxes are filled according to the guidelines of the OCC,” said Ron Anderson, Executive VP at U.S. Battery. “These Christmas boxes reach children in remote areas where they are often taken by boat, walked through jungles, or even travel via camel-back to their remote destinations.”

U.S. Battery Manufacturing employees and their families participated in creating 204 Christmas Boxes that were sent to a local OCC facility for shipment overseas. Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that has been providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world since 1970. For more information on Samaritan’s Purse, visit Additional information on U.S. Battery products, visit

Photo: U.S. Battery employees Sebastian Gonzales and Alex Jauregui prepare gift boxes for company workers and their families to fill for Operation Christmas Child.


U.S. Battery Manufacturing Switches To New Look With A Red Case And Cover

U.S. Battery Manufacturing is changing the appearance of its flooded lead-acid line of deep-cycle batteries to a bright red case and cover. The decision to move to an all red battery will eliminate the various colored cases and covers seen on several U.S. Battery models. This change will further help to streamline their wide-ranging product line into one recognizable brand.

“The change to the new red case and cover is only aesthetic,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive VP Sales and Marketing. “Current model configurations, internal structures, initial capacity advantages, and cycle-up to full capacity ratings are unchanged, and remain the highest in the industry.”

U.S. Battery dealers and distributors will see the new red/red batteries as a rolling change as the previous color options are slowly phased out. Initially, the case/cover color change will only affect these U.S. Battery models: US250 XC2, US250HC XC2, US305 XC2, US305HC XC2, USL16 XC2, US L16HC XC2, US185 XC2, US185HC XC2, US24DC XC2, US27DC XC2, and US31DC XC2.

U.S. Battery products are manufactured and assembled by hand in the U.S.A. The company’s exclusive XC2 formulation ensures the highest initial capacity, fastest cycle-up time to full-rated capacity, improved recharge-ability, and the highest total energy delivered compared to any battery in their class. For more information on sizes, ratings, and applications for a variety of electric powered vehicles and markets, visit

Visit U.S. Battery At The 2017 ISSA/Interclean Show North America

The 2017 ISSA/Interclean Show North America will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada September 12th – 14th. It’s the world’s largest trade show for the cleaning and facility solutions for the industrial cleaning & supply industry. U.S. Battery Manufacturing is one of more than 700 exhibitors at the event and will be showcasing the company’s products for battery powered cleaning machines and vehicles. U.S. Battery’s sales and marketing team, as well as the company’s engineers, will be available to provide ways on how to maximize performance and extend battery life with battery powered cleaning machines. The U.S. Battery team can also show attendees how to minimize downtime on battery powered machines and provide greater insight into reducing annual operation costs. Visit U.S. Battery at booth #3677 and see what the company can do to help make your cleaning vehicles more efficient.

U.S. Battery Provides Sponsorship For The W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Family Foundation

U.S. Battery Was A Sponsor For A Wisconsin Golf Event, Benefiting A Local Boys & Girls Club

U.S. Battery Manufacturing was one of the sponsors of the 17th annual charity golf event that was put on by the W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Family Foundation, located in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The funds raised at this annual golf event benefitted the Boys’ & Girls Club of Baraboo, to enable young adults to reach their full potential as adults in the community.

The charity event took place Monday, June 5th at the Baraboo Country Club, where a U.S. Battery sponsored golf car provided beverages to those who participated in the golf outing throughout the day. “We’re happy to support a cause towards educating and supporting youth programs like the Boys & Girls Club,” said Mike Coad, U.S. Battery Director of Sales. “U.S. Battery, along with our area distributor Northern Battery, became aware of this charity event and offered to participate. Both myself and Kyle Donskey from Northern Battery attended the event and were amazed at a number of people that came out to support their cause.”

The W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Family Foundation is a private foundation which receives annual charitable contributions from the Nordic Group of Companies Ltd., which include Columbia ParCar, Duncan Toys Co., Flambeau Inc. and several others. The Nordic Group provides charitable contributions to the Foundation, which in turn, make constructive contributions to local communities in which the Nordic Group of Companies Ltd. has operations.

For more information on the W.R. & Floy A. Sauey Family Foundation, visit their website at Additional information on U.S. Battery’s products for golf car, electric vehicle, maintenance machines, solar power, access lift, and many other industries worldwide, visit

Golf Car News Features U.S. Battery Products In The March/April 2017 Issue

The March/April 2017 issue of Golf Car News is the publication’s annual battery guide, which features U.S. Battery’s new Endurance Plus™ line on the cover. The Endurance Plus battery line includes six, eight and 12-volt batteries that offer improved performance and higher overall efficiency at a better value.

The Golf Car News battery guide features a listing of golf car battery specs from seven different manufacturers, providing insightful specifications on the most popular batteries for the industry and personal use. The issue also features an in-depth article from U.S. Battery’s Senior VP of Engineering, Fred Wehmeyer, who offers tips on comparing batteries. The article explains that battery manufacturers don’t always use the same testing conditions, so the ratings and advertised data on one battery may not be the same on another. The full article in Golf Car News is available on the Golf Car News website that includes a helpful Infographic.

For additional information on battery comparisons or on any of U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s products for golf car applications, visit

Battery Maintenance Training For Customers Helps One Golf Car Dealer Diminish Battery Returns

After 15 years of selling new and used golf cars, Jim Naughton Sr., owner of Jim’s Cart N Parts in Milton, Wisconsin, sells lots of golf car batteries to power them. What sets this dealership apart, however, is that within the last 10 years the company has seen only one battery come back under warranty. “We have customers that get 10 years out of a single set of batteries in a golf car that we sell,” says Naughton. “The reason is that we set up a mandatory training session where customers learn how to take care of their golf car’s batteries. If they don’t want to attend, we don’t sell them a golf car.”

Jim’s Carts N Parts services a growing population of retirement home owners in the area, who prefer to drive around in electric vehicles. Naughton saw the need to properly train his customers in the methods of maintaining the golf car batteries in the vehicles they sell. “Our success begins with using only U.S. Battery products, which over the years, have provided the best long-term performance for the vehicles we sell,” said Naughton. “We get them from our dealer Northern Battery who also provides us with the service and dedication that meets our requirements. The training we offer is as simple as showing our customers how to check and maintain the electrolyte levels in the batteries, and to ignore all the other advice given to them by family members or their RV buddies. If we show them right from the start how to properly maintain their batteries, they can typically get an average of five to seven-year life spans from a set of U.S. Batteries in their golf cars.”

At age 71, Naughton learned the importance of educating and providing service to their customers from his early experience in the battery business and meeting with U.S. Battery’s founder John Anderson. “He was a ‘matter of fact’ sort of guy,” said Naughton. “We sat around discussing the battery business and how well customers respond when you take interest in their needs and educate them.” Naughton is passing on his experience and sales techniques to his son who also shares in his dad’s beliefs and plans to continue doing business this way. “The customer is coming to us because we’re experts on golf cars, so we also have to be experts on batteries too,” said Naughton Sr.

Regularly checking electrolyte levels, performing an equalization charge, in addition to checking and cleaning battery terminals and connections, are additional methods that can increase battery life. More information can be found on U.S. Battery’s video on proper battery maintenance here.  For more information, on U.S. Battery products, visit

U.S. Battery Manufacturing Earns Hyster-Yale Group’s Preferred Supplier Status

After a comprehensive review by Hyster-Yale Group’s Supplier Quality Engineering team (SQE), U.S. Battery Manufacturing achieved Preferred Supplier Status, the highest rating any supplier to the company can achieve. Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc., designs, manufactures and sells handling equipment that is used in more than 700 industries globally. U.S. Battery Manufacturing is a supplier of flooded lead-acid batteries to the company, which are used in the various battery powered Hyster-Yale vehicles.

The company’s large global presence requires that its suppliers, like U.S. Battery Manufacturing, follow strict quality, reliability, and efficiency guidelines to maintain Hyster-Yale’s high-quality expectations. U.S. Battery achieved that status by its commitment to providing the highest quality product and services to Hyster-Yale. According to Hyster-Yale’s SQE team, U.S. Battery Manufacturing achieved high ranks in cost, quality, and delivery. “There is no way that U.S. Battery Manufacturing could have achieved Preferred Supplier Status without the full cooperation of everyone from our customer service to shipping departments,” said George Stratis, U.S. Battery Southeastern Regional Sales Manager.

Large or small, U.S. Battery is committed to providing a high-level of service to its customers and with a proven track record of product reliability, delivery, and customer service, U.S. Battery proudly carries its Preferred Supplier Status with Hyster-Yale as proof of the company’s capabilities. For more information, on U.S. Battery products, visit

U.S. Battery Trucks Provide Aid To South Georgia Residents After Being Hit By Devastating Tornados

After several tornados hit the Albany region of South Georgia, it left hundreds of families without homes. As people called for aid, U.S. Battery’s Director of Transportation Scott Perdue was contacted by an associate pastor from a church in Acworth, Georgia, and asked if the company would help in delivering food and supplies.

As a result of this outreach, the owners of U.S. Battery made the use of one of the company’s over the road truck and trailer available along with U.S. Battery driver, Tony Pitchford. “In just two days, the church managed to get enough donations of food, water and other necessities to fill one of our trailers, and we were able to get them to the people in Albany,” said Perdue.

“I cannot tell you how appreciative we are of your outstanding generosity,” said Rev. Chuck Smith, Pastor of Glade Rd. Baptist Church in Acworth, Georgia. “You were very instrumental in making the lives of those who lost so much, a little more bearable. Thanks to people and business like you, we were able to supply food, water, clothes, hygiene products, and many other necessary items to the victims.”

“U.S. Battery has manufacturing and distribution plants in Augusta and Evans, Georgia and are always ready to help people in need when necessary,” said Perdue. “This is no different from when we participated in the Convoy Of Care to deliver food and supplies to Louisiana flood victims last year.”

U.S. Battery is a manufacturer of premium batteries used for industrial and commercial applications. The company has been manufacturing batteries since 1926 and is ships products worldwide. For more information, visit