Screenshot of U.S. Battery Battery Application Guide Mobile App

Getting The Most Out of U.S. Battery’s Mobile App

U.S. Battery introduced its mobile app earlier this year.  This powerful tool allows users to access exclusive U.S. Battery content from their Apple or Android device. Here are a few ways that the app can be useful to you.

Battery Application Guide

When it comes time to replace one or more of your deep cycle batteries, selecting the right one for your application can be confusing. Battery powered vehicles and equipment often operate under different voltages and run-times, which makes selecting the right deep-cycle battery particularly important.

U.S. Battery Manufacturing created its mobile app to help you make the correct battery selection. The included Battery Application Guide makes it easy to find and select the right battery for a variety of applications including golf carts, floor machines, aerial work platforms, and more. By selecting your machine’s manufacturer and model, you can determine the batteries best suited to ensure your machine’s optimal performance.

Access to Product Spec. Sheets

From the app, you are able to easily access the most up-to-date spec. sheets and product information for all of U.S. Battery’s Flooded Lead Acid and AGM batteries.

 User-Specific Notifications

Learn about new products you might be interested in as soon as they are announced. Users can create a login and get notifications on new products, events, articles, and videos that are customized to their particular interests.

The U.S. Battery app is free and is available for download from iTunes and Google Play.

U.S. Battery Launches Its Re-Designed Website

U.S. Battery Manufacturing , the leading battery manufacturer in the U.S., launched its newly redesigned interactive website today. The new corporate site provides easier navigation with links to the company’s complete line of flooded lead-acid and AGM battery products, as well as battery watering systems and battery maintenance accessories. “This website will make it easier for our national and global dealers and customers to find and download product information on every U.S. Battery product we manufacture,” says Dwayne Porter, U.S. Battery Marketing Manager. “Our website has now become a more powerful tool for our customers and provides greater capability to keep up with our company’s expansion and leadership in the industry.”

The new U.S. Battery website is scalable for easy viewing on tablets, laptops and mobile phones, and includes detailed technical information on all of U.S. battery’s products. The site also features new tech tip videos and power calculators to help visitors select the right battery and optimize power for their particular application, and extend battery performance. The company’s products are well-known in the industry to provide the highest rated-capacity and longest service life for industries such as golf-car, aerial & platform, RV, marine, military, renewable energy, floor maintenance and more.