Dutt Electronics Found U.S. Battery Products Provided Optimum Performance For Its New Energy Save OE Power System

Dutt Electronics, a manufacturer of alternate energy inverters for the OE market, found that U.S. Battery products were the best choice for energy storage for its new Energy Save power system, which has been nominated for the 2016 EnerTIC Award in the category of Smart Industry.

“We conducted a detailed study of existing storage technologies,” said Ramon Ugarte of Dutt Electronics. “Our Energy Save application required a mature technology and low cost. Initially, Lithium-Ion batteries would have worked, but for a quick return on investment and low cost for our customers, deep-cycle flooded lead-acid batteries were the best choice.”

The Save Energy system uses 36 U.S. Battery 185E batteries with XC2™ formulation and Diamond Plate Technology® which deliver more watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram than any other flooded lead-acid battery on the market. “There are plenty of battery brands available,” said Ugarte. “But we wanted to use U.S. Battery products because their technical characteristics were the best fit, and they offer the support of a solid company with more than 90-years of history.”

The Dutt Energy Save system is an integrated unit that combines a bi-directional inverter, monitoring system, and battery pack all in one unit. With autonomous operation, it balances power output between stored energy consumption and battery charging during peak energy hours to reduce overall energy costs.

For more information on U.S. Battery’s line of performance products, contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit www.usbattery.com.


About Dutt Electronics: Dutt is an electronics manufacturer in Spain whose field of interest covers any sector that requires control and conversion of energy and/or power; such as solar, industrial, energy storage and more. The company has nearly 20 years of experience in providing OEM solutions for inverters and hybrid converters. Visit www.duttelectronics.com/en/site/solutions.

Solar Power International 2016 trade show

Visit U.S. Battery In Booth #2073 During The 2016 Solar Power International Show, And Discover Why We Are The Most Trusted Name In Renewable Energy Deep Cycle Batteries.

Corona, CA – U.S. Battery is attending the Solar Power International Show in Las Vegas, NV September 13-15th. Attendees are invited to visit U.S Battery’s booth, #2073, to learn how U.S. Battery deep-cycle flooded lead-acid , and AGM batteries can help exceed performance capabilities in Renewable Energy applications.

The Solar Power International Show allows U.S. Battery to meet with, and provide support for national and global representatives within the RE industry. The company’s products are available in two, six, and twelve -volt configurations, and feature extra heavy duty connector lugs, a durable polypropylene exterior case, and the company’s  SpeedCap® positive locking venting system for easy maintenance.

Selecting The Right Combination of Batteries For An Energy Storage System

Having backup power or being completely off-grid involves having batteries to store energy from your solar array. Most of the difficulty in doing this is determining the amount of energy use and storage capacity you will need. This step-by-step guide and interactive calculator can make it easy to determine your energy requirements and how to build your battery storage system accordingly.

U.S. Battery makes it incredibly easy to determine your energy needs with an Interactive Battery Calculator. The calculator has a variety of typical lighting, electronic devices, and appliances listed on the chart. Simply add in the number of these items and the percentage of time the items will be used. The chart applies your input to determine the total power load in Watts.



After the calculator gives you your total power in Watts, input that number into the U.S. Battery, Battery Sizing Chart. This interactive chart allows you to plug in your nominal voltage (which is usually based on the inverter of the system) and expected load operating hours. The tool will automatically calculate your System Amp-hour capacity while also determining your Required Battery Amp-hour Capacity. The chart also gives you an idea of the most efficient number of batteries required for your system.

U.S. Battery Helps Homeowners Create Reliable Off-Grid Solar Systems

As solar energy products become widely available, individual homeowners are seeking to create their own partial-grid, and off-grid system. While there is an abundance of solar panels, inverters, and other components to choose from, it’s often difficult for the average homeowner to figure out their particular power needs, as well as how to properly store that energy.

Fortunately, U.S. Battery was able to help one homeowner who contacted U.S. Battery’s Product & Process Engineering Manager Zach Cox, who helped solve this customer’s particular situation. “Mr. Spong is an individual homeowner and U.S. Battery customer. He contacted us about using a small solar array in his back yard to power his home’s appliances, and store the energy from his solar panels using our batteries,” says Cox. “The result was a simple, yet efficient system that allows him to have more than enough amp-hours, using eight U.S. Battery US2200XC2 six-volt batteries to store his power.

Mr. Spong uses 8 US2200XC2 deep cycle batteries to store energy for night-time use.

Mr. Spong uses 8 US2200XC2 deep cycle batteries to store energy for night-time use.

The system used in Mr. Spong’s home consists of an Outback MPPT FLEXmax 60 charge controller, a COTEK 24-volt – 2000 watt converter, and four 280-watt solar panels. “I found the U.S. Battery US2200 batteries to be rated very high, and found them to be the best buy for the money in my area,” said Mr. Spong. “I am running my fridge, freezer and computer 24/7 with the batteries, dropping down to only 24.5 volts overnight. During the day, I have more power than I need even with running a microwave and other things.”

According to Spong, the system gives him approximately 11 amp hours of total power. “I am trying to keep my usage down to 30 to 40 percent of total battery discharge, which helps extend battery life a lot,” says Mr. Spong. “For now, I am running a 14 cubic ft refrigerator and a 12 cubic ft. freezer 24/7, and I can still have lights on and enough power to run a few other things. With the amount of power usage at night and the size of my solar panels, I have lots of surplus power that I can use to run a microwave for cooking and other things. With all this, I still get my batteries fully charged in time for my power usage at night.”

The U.S. Battery US2200XC2 is one of the company’s most highly rated and popular flooded lead-acid batteries. While these batteries currently serve as great storage for small systems like Mr. Spong’s, U.S. Battery’s RE-Series batteries are available should his power needs increase. These batteries feature Defender™ moss shields, that effectively prevent the formation of “mossing shorts” and include Outside Positive (OSP™) battery design, which mitigates the effects of positive plate deterioration and further increases battery life.

“So far the system is working well but there is a lot to learn,” says Mr. Spong. “I am very happy with the choices I made putting this together and appreciate the help U.S. Battery has given me.”

For more information on U.S. Battery products, contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit www.usbattery.com.

Mr. Spong's home consists of an Outback MPPT FLEXmax 60 charge controller, a COTEK 24-volt - 2000 watt converter, and four 280-watt solar panels.

Mr. Spong’s home consists of an Outback MPPT FLEXmax 60 charge controller, a COTEK 24-volt – 2000 watt converter, and four 280-watt solar panels.


Spong uses four 280-watt solar panels that feed power into 8 US2200XC2 batteries.

Spong uses four 280-watt solar panels that feed power into 8 US2200XC2 batteries.

Lead Batteries The Most Recycled Product In The U.S.A. According To The EPA

The Environmental Protection Agency compared recycling rates for a multitude of materials and found that lead-acid batteries had the highest recycling rate of all consumer products. The facts were published in a June 2015 EPA report titled Advancing Sustainable Materials Management: 2013 Fact Sheet. The report assessed the disposal and recycling trends in the USA. In a 2013 study within the report, the EPA found that the rate of lead-acid battery recovery was about 99 percent (2.85 million tons), the highest recycling rate over other products such as newspapers, yard trimmings, aluminum cans, tires, consumer electronics, glass, PET bottles and more.

“The recycling infrastructure for lead-acid batteries is a closed loop (cradle to cradle) system,” says Fred Wehmeyer, Senior Vice President of Engineering at U.S. Battery Manufacturing. “As an example, new flooded lead-acid batteries are manufactured from recycled raw materials and the safe delivery methods used to ship batteries worldwide are also the same methods used to return spent lead-acid batteries to be recycled. Throughout the years the process has become extremely refined and efficient, making it one of the most successful environmental reclamation systems in existence.”

According to the Battery Council International, a variety of processes go into recycling lead-acid batteries in which recycling facilities are controlled under some of the strictest U.S. EPA regulations. Innovative systems have been developed to capture all of the components of lead-acid batteries for recycling. For example, lead from spent batteries is smelted and refined to be reused to build new lead-acid batteries. The sulfuric acid electrolyte is also captured and neutralized during the recycling process and then processed into fertilizer.

With a high recycling rate and low operating cost, the FLA battery remains the best solution for most electrically powered vehicles such as golf cars, floor maintenance machines, access lifts, and other battery operated vehicles. It is also the most efficient technology for storing energy and has the longest track record for safety and reliability. So when you combine this with the highest recycling rates on the planet, it stands to reason that this 150-year-old technology has definitely evolved into an energy source that’s hard to beat.
For more information on flooded lead-acid batteries and battery recycling, contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit https://www.usbattery.com.

Visit U.S. Battery at Solar Power International 2015 (Booth #2748)

Corona, CA – 
Visit U.S. Battery Manufacturing’s all new booth, #2748, during the 2015 Solar Power International show September 15-17 in Anaheim, California. And, discover how the company’s RE-Series batteries provide optimum performance in renewable energy applications.

With the increasing number of off-grid and partial-grid applications requiring reliable power storage, it’s important to know how U.S. Battery RE Series deep cycle batteries provide more watt-hours per liter and watt-hours per kilogram than comparable flooded lead-acid batteries currently on the market. Attendees can also get the facts on how RE-Series batteries reduce mossing and sulfation conditions, and learn how to properly set-up and configure battery packs to extend service life, improve capacity and provide reliable performance.

For additional information and a video describing the features and design of RE-Series batteries, visit the company’s website at www.usbattery.com.  Contact them at U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945.

U.S. Battery Products Receive Bold New Labeling That Also Provides Product Information At-A-Glance

U.S. Battery Manufacturing has updated all of its products with bold, new labels that provide information customers need to easily pick the right battery for their application. “Our new battery labels were designed to be larger, bolder, and allow people to easily see the battery’s performance data and the specific applications they are designed for,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive Vice President. “We asked many of our global distributors to provide some input into the label design. So in response, we have included a QR code for quick access to information on our website as well as application icons that are easy to see and recognize when the batteries are displayed on retailer product shelves. These changes will also address the new labeling standards that will be required in 2016.” The switch to the new battery labels will be a rolling change that will begin February 1, 2015. In a short amount of time, all U.S. Battery products will be shipped with the new labels, and will feature all the same internal components that provide the efficient battery design U.S. Battery customers have come to depend on. Manufactured in the U.S.A., U.S. Battery products feature XC2™ Diamond Plate Technology® to provide the highest initial capacity, highest rated capacity, and the ability to reach peak capacity in fewer cycles than any other battery in their class. For more information contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit www.usbattery.com.

U.S. Battery Explains The Features In Its RE-Series Line That Extend Battery Life

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o3GCWtLcEdg”][vc_column_text]

U.S. Battery Manufacturing released a new video that focuses on the features of the company’s RE-Series battery line, used in renewable energy applications. The video explains how features such as Defender™ moss shields, fiberglass cell backing, and Outside Battery Plate™ technology work to mitigate the effects of cell-plate sulfation, while increasing battery life and performance. U.S. Battery RE-Series deep-cycle batteries are manufactured in the U.S.A. and are available in 6-volt and 2-volt configurations. Featuring the company’s exclusive XC2™ formulation RE-Series batteries also provide the highest peak capacity and longest cycle life than any other battery on the market. Coupled with a rugged polypropylene case, heavy-duty lifting straps, and rugged connector lugs, more corporations and homes rely on U.S. Battery products worldwide, to power their businesses and homes. For additional information on U.S. Battery products, contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945.

U.S. Battery Sponsors The 18th Annual Dorado Fishing Tournament

U.S. Battery is one of the sponsors of the 18th Annual Bulls Only Dorado Fishing tournament, a nonprofit organization that raises money to improve the lives of the communities in and around the town of Punta Chivato, in Baja California, Sur Mexico. All of the proceeds of this annual fishing tournament help support local charities, schools, retirement homes, drug rehab facilities, and a local volunteer animal clinic . The proceeds also help the town maintain its 20- kilometer dirt road, emergency services and its Community Center.

“Punta Chivato is an area where many U.S. citizens have vacation homes that are entirely off-grid, and rely on solar power,” says Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/ Executive VP, Sales and Marketing. “But these people really do their part to help the area by providing a means to help fund the community and provide services to locals that would otherwise not be available. So we’re always happy to help them make a difference in this community.”

Most of the town’s people in Punta Chivato use U.S Battery’s RE L16 XC deep-cycle units with Diamond Plate Xtreme Capacity technology with the solar systems. The town’s people have tried many other batteries and have come to rely on U.S. Battery’s  technology that provides the highest peak capacity, improved watt-hours per liter, and watt-hours per kilogram. RE-Series deep-cycle batteries also feature Defender™ moss shields that effectively prevent short circuiting within the battery, along with Outside Positive (OSP™) battery design that mitigates positive plate deterioration.

RE-Series deep cycle batteries are available in both 6-volt and 2-volt configurations. U.S. Battery manufactures a variety of deep-cycle batteries that are all manufactured in the U.S.A. and are distributed worldwide. For more information on U.S. Battery RE-Series Deep-Cycle Batteries, contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit https://www.usbattery.com.