Carting For A Cause Team Sets Off On A Historic Cross Country Golf Cart Ride

Dwayne Porter and Ron Anderson of U.S. Battery Manufacturing (far left) meet up with the Carting For A Cause team in Petaluma, California.

The Carting For A Cause crew set out for it’s first leg of a cross country trip in a golf cart powered and sponsored by U.S. Battery. Ron Anderson and Dwayne Porter from U.S. Battery, met up with the crew at the starting point in Petaluma, California. Carting For A Cause is a group of veteran and off-duty U.S. Coast Guard members who are raising money and to bring awareness to The Wounded Warriors Project. “It was an honor to meet up with them,” says Dwayne Porter, Marketing Manager for U.S. Battery Manufacturing. “They are a great group of people who we are proud to be working with and sponsoring. We plan on meeting up with the team at various stopping points across the country, and make sure they have everything they need to keep moving forward.”

The team began their 4,000 mile journey on April 29th, with a great send-off, and sped off to their first scheduled stop at the VA Hospital in Reno, Nevada. On the second day, however, the team experienced motor failure when climbing the 7,000 foot elevation assent up the Sierra Nevada mountains. Fortunately, the folks at CartBarn in Reno helped get the team a new higher-output motor that will provide better climbing power and lower heat during run times. “We made lots of calls to our network of distributors and dealers to help get them a new motor,” says Porter. “Everyone we spoke with was willing to help and immediately put a great effort in getting the team back on the road as soon as possible.”  Cart Barn installed the new motor and allowed the team to get back on schedule to their next stops at the VFW in Ely, Nevada, through Utah and on to the VFW in Grand Junction, Colorado on May 8th.

The Carting For A Cause golf cart is powered by U.S. Battery US145 XC-2™ deep-cycle batteries. These provide the highest initial capacity and cycle life than any other deep-cycle battery on the market. “This is one of the reasons why Carting For A Cause chose our batteries,” says Porter. “Our 6-volt golf-car, deep-cycle batteries will also allow the team to reach their nearly 200 mile-per-day goal.”

Additional photos of the first day launch can be seen on the U.S. Battery Facebook Page.

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