Battery Watering Technologies Visits U.S. Battery Manufacturing To Discuss New Designs And Continued Growth Of Single Point Watering Systems

Battery Watering Technologies, manufacturers of single point watering systems, visited U.S. Battery’s Corona, California plant to discuss the growth of its product line, and the use of SPWS in various industrial applications. Tyler Owen, Vice President Battery Watering Technologies, and Lee Pinkston, Western Regional Account Manager at Battery Watering Technologies (BWT) said that sales of SPWS in partnership with U.S. Battery Manufacturing, continues to maintain steady growth.
According to Dan Grigsby, Western States Regional Manager for U.S. Battery, the use of SWPS is increasing in a variety of industries such as golf car, aerial platform, fork-lifts, solar energy storage, and in the RV industry. “Proper watering with a SPWS can provide dramatic improvements to increase battery life, as well as reduce the time, effort, and annual costs involved in watering a fleet using FLA batteries,” said Grigsby.

Pinkston provided examples of BWT’s SPWS valves that feature internal spark arrestors, a three-piece z-lock hose-tee for added strength, and an indicator eye that allows the operator to see when the battery cell is properly filled. The company manufactures a float design unique to a variety of make and model batteries, to ensure proper electrolyte levels are reached with different battery case and cell cap designs. BWT’s gravity feed and direct flow valves that are used to water single or multiple batteries at once were also discussed, along with recommended tips for battery watering. “BWT offers a variety of fill systems that make it easy to water multiple batteries,” said Pinkston, “But there are important things to remember about watering batteries in this manner that can help prevent accidental siphoning and spills. The first is to never water before charging the battery and never leave a gravity feed system unattended. Only use only distilled or filtered water, and if you are using a direct fill system always make sure it has a pressure regulator attached to it to avoid accidental spills from over pressurizing the system.”

U.S. Battery Manufacturing has a four-year relationship with BWT and offers all of the company’s SPWS products with any of U.S. Battery’s Deep-Cycle batteries. New and exciting technology is in the works that will be available from both companies and will be announced later in the year. For more information on BWT SPWS products or U.S. Battery products, visit Contact U.S. Battery Manufacturing, 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945.

Pictured above from left to right: Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive Vice President, Mike Wallace, U.S. Battery Creative Manager, Lee Pinkston, Western Regional Account Manager Battery Watering Technologies, Heather Arredondo and Dan Grigsby, U.S. Battery Manufacturing Western States Regional Sales, and Tyler Owen, Vice President at Battery Watering Technologies.