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Battery Terminals, Making A Connection

When purchasing or replacing batteries, it’s important to remember the type of terminals used on the batteries in order to make the right wiring connections. Deep-cycle batteries often come with UTL style terminals but there are other options that can be specific to your application.

UTL terminals allow wiring to be attached flat onto the top of the terminal and are typically available in short (UTL) and longer (UT) sizes. Large “L” and small “L” terminals are often used in applications where the wiring needs to be attached to the sides of the terminal. Batteries can also be ordered with an SAE terminal, which accommodates wiring that clamps around the terminal, much like car batteries.

Make sure to carefully order any new or replacement battery with the proper terminals. Your local battery distributor will be able to show you a variety of options that are best suited for your particular application. For more information on battery terminals and finding the right battery for your application, visit www.usbattery.com.

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