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Selecting The Right Single Point Watering System

Watering batteries is a necessary maintenance procedure to keep flooded lead-acid batteries performing at their best. But for those that dread the procedure because the batteries are difficult to get to or if they require removing the batteries simply to peer into the cells and check the water level, there’s a much easier way. Many […]

U.S. Battery Supports Sprinter Build Out International’s Project Adventure Camper

With more than 16,000 members, Sprinter Build Out International is a growing group on Facebook that provides tips and answers to Sprinter owners who are building their vehicles as multi-use camper, sports, and work utility vehicles. The group’s administrator and creator Rick Griffin is also in the process of building out his Sprinter van to […]

U.S. Battery Celebrates America Recycles Day (ARD) November 15th

Aluminum cans, glass, plastic, they are all products that most Americans recycle on a daily basis. But not many people realize that the lead-acid battery industry has a recycling rate that is 99.93-percent, making it the most recycled consumer product in the United States. According to the Battery Council International, lead recyclers undergo some of […]

U.S. Battery Collects For Needy Children As Part Of Operation Christmas Child

U.S. Battery Manufacturing collected 250 shoe boxes filled with toys, toiletries, and other items, as part of Operation Christmas Child (OCC), a Christian outreach program run by the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Organization. U.S. Battery has continued to help this Christian organization collect the Christmas boxes, which are distributed to pastors and community leaders in […]

Getting The Most Out of U.S. Battery’s Mobile App

U.S. Battery introduced its mobile app earlier this year.  This powerful tool allows users to access exclusive U.S. Battery content from their Apple or Android device. Here are a few ways that the app can be useful to you. Battery Application Guide When it comes time to replace one or more of your deep cycle batteries, […]

Battery Powered Floor Cleaning Machines Gain Popularity

Battery-power is an increasingly popular option when it comes to floor cleaning, and according to cleaning industry experts, there will be more options and availability in battery powered units to contract cleaners and facilities managers. Battery powered floor cleaning machines are primarily powered by flooded lead-acid batteries that industry-wide, remain as the most affordable and […]

U.S. Battery Donates Deep-Cycle Batteries To Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles, California

To help the Travel Town Museum’s efforts in restoring and interpretation of historic railroad equipment to youth, U.S. Battery donated four 8-volt deep-cycle batteries for the organization’s restoration of a 1941 ElecrtoMotive diesel engine. U.S. Battery’s Western Regional Sales Manager Dan Grigsby, presented a certificate for the donation to the museum’s Executive Director Nancy Gneir […]

U.S. Battery Receives 2018 Corporate Excellence Award: Most Outstanding Manufacturer in Deep Cycle Batteries – USA

Corporate Vision Magazine selected U.S. Battery Manufacturing as the recipient of its 2018 Corporate Excellence Award: Most Outstanding Manufacturer in Deep Cycle Batteries – USA.  Since 1926 U.S. Battery Manufacturing has been providing its global customers with the highest quality, longest lasting batteries available on the market. Corporate Vision Magazine awards are presented to outstanding […]