U.S. Battery And Energy Products Team Up To Help Keep A Michigan Based VFW Auxiliary Post Spotless

U.S. Battery teamed up with its distributor Energy Products, to donate two US 31DC XC2 deep-cycle batteries to the Veterans of Foreign War Auxiliary Post #1136 in Wyandotte, Michigan. The 1,300 square-foot hall at the VFW is a chore to keep clean after every event, so Senior Vice Commander Orville Beachamp purchased a refurbished battery-powered floor scrubber. He quickly found out, however, that the batteries wouldn’t hold a new charge. “When we bought the floor scrubber, it had a two-year warranty and a set of batteries,” said Commander Beachamp. “We didn’t know the condition of the batteries or how well they’ve been maintained. After some investigation, we found that the cells were damaged.”

US31DC XC2 deep-cycle battery Commander Beachamp contacted U.S. Battery and working with its local distributor Energy Products, they decided to donate two US31DC XC2 12-volt batteries for the VFW’s floor scrubber. “We’re happy to help get their floor scrubber back into action and provide them with the resources they need to keep the VFW spotless for weddings and other community events,” said Don Wallace, U.S. Battery CMO/Executive VP Sales and Marketing.  “The VFW does so much for veterans in the area, and the hall is used by the community, making it a place where many memories are made for families and friends.”

The batteries were delivered to Commander Beachamp by Bob Bowman at Energy Products. “Energy Products was very excited and eager to help the veterans that have served in the armed forces for our country,” said Matt Cybulski, Energy Products SLI Sales Manager. “It is always a pleasure to be a part of something so great, and working with U.S. Battery is always an outstanding experience.”

U.S. Battery’s US31DC XC2 deep-cycle battery is a 12-volt, BCI Group Size of 31, deep-cycle battery that features a 20-rate at 130 amps. The battery is a good choice for electric utility vehicles such as floor scrubbers, because they are engineered and proven to provide the fastest cycle-up to full rated capacity, and have the highest total energy delivered over the life of the battery. For more information on U.S. Battery Products, visit www.usbattery.com.

Photo: Bob Bowman of Energy Products delivers U.S. Battery products to Commander Orville Beachamp.


Keep Batteries At Full Charge During Winter


One of the most common mistakes during winter months is storing golf car batteries in a discharged state. A discharged battery in extremely cold temperatures will allow the electrolyte to freeze, causing it to expand. Electrolyte expansion can crack the battery case, causing a leak or complete battery failure. A fully charged battery has a freezing point around -80 °F while a discharged battery has a freezing point around 20 °F. By keeping the battery fully charged during the winter months, the electrolyte is less likely to freeze and cause unexpected failures.

U.S. Battery Collects 204 Christmas Boxes For Needy Children As Part Of Operation Christmas Child

U.S. Battery Manufacturing is part of Operation Christmas Child (OCC), a program run by the Samaritan’s Purse International Relief Organization. The Christian organization collects shoe boxes filled with various items such as toys, toothbrushes, soap, and books for children and sends them to pastors and community leaders in more than 100 countries. From there the boxes are distributed to children as part of a Christian outreach program.

“This is U.S. Battery’s second year participating in the program where boxes are filled according to the guidelines of the OCC,” said Ron Anderson, Executive VP at U.S. Battery. “These Christmas boxes reach children in remote areas where they are often taken by boat, walked through jungles, or even travel via camel-back to their remote destinations.”

U.S. Battery Manufacturing employees and their families participated in creating 204 Christmas Boxes that were sent to a local OCC facility for shipment overseas. Samaritan’s Purse is a nondenominational evangelical Christian organization that has been providing spiritual and physical aid to hurting people around the world since 1970. For more information on Samaritan’s Purse, visit www.samaritanspurse.org. Additional information on U.S. Battery products, visit www.usbattery.com.

Photo: U.S. Battery employees Sebastian Gonzales and Alex Jauregui prepare gift boxes for company workers and their families to fill for Operation Christmas Child.


Lead Acid Batteries Offer Better/Safer Energy Storage Solution According to Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium

During a seminar by the Advanced Lead Acid Battery Consortium (ALABC) held in London, England last November, the lead battery industry was encouraged by the positive response from end-users in the utility and renewable energy storage markets made at the seminar.

Speakers during the event stressed that lead battery technology solutions meet all the requirements for energy storage installations while providing the most affordable option. “There are five essential reasons for utility operators to consider lead batteries in new energy storage systems they commission,” said Dr Geoffrey May of ALABC, “The new generation of this technology meets all the technical requirements of energy storage applications, it is the most cost-effective, safest, most reliable and most recycled, sustainable technology available today.”

Discussions during the seminar pointed out that lead battery systems better rival technologies in lifetime and operational costs, and are not subject to the same inherent safety issues with other systems. In addition, speakers during the seminar pointed out that 99 percent of lead batteries are collected and recycled at their end of life in Europe and North America, higher than any other battery technology.

Dr. May explained during the seminar, that lead batteries are available which will provide up to 5000 deep cycles. This has a major impact on the total cost of ownership of a lead battery for energy storage and is more than a match for other battery energy storage technologies. In addition, research work carried out by ALABC has improved lead battery performance in the special conditions that are seen with renewable energy sources, particularly solar photovoltaic sources, where the battery is not fully charged at all times. This has focussed on the addition of special carbons to the battery electrodes and has now been widely adopted by many major battery suppliers. For more information on the seminar visit www.ila-lead.org. Additional information on U.S. Battery’s RE batteries for energy storage can be found on the company’s website, www.usbattery.com