Meeting Rated Capacity In Deep-Cycle Batteries With Fewer Charge Cycles

Deep-cycle batteries go through various amounts of charge cycles. A charge cycle starts when the battery is first used, and is then charged back up. That process equals one cycle. In order for a deep-cycle battery to reach it’s full capacity (deliverable power), it has to go through several charge cycles; sometimes as many as 150. Among the battery industry, this is known as the “Bell Curve” of cycle life. Unfortunately, the more charge cycles a battery goes through, the shorter the lifespan of the battery.

U.S. Battery came up with a solution by introducing it’s XC2™ formulation. Unlike other deep-cycle batteries that can take 75-150 cycles to reach it’s rated capacity, U.S. Battery products with XC2™, meet or exceed rated capacity in as few as 25 cycles. This allows the company’s deep-cycle batteries to reach their peak power substantially quicker, while also lasting much longer than its nearest competitor.

With a higher-performance, longer lasting battery, many industries such as golf-cars, lift-access, storage, sweeper and others, can operate more efficiently, saving time and money. U.S. Battery manufactures a variety of deep-cycle batteries with it’s XC2™ formulation specifically for these industries and others. For more information, visit or contact them at (800) 695-0945.

Italian Battery Distributor D.B.S, Switches To U.S. Battery Products

U.S. Battery meets with D.B.S. Battery of Italy. From left to right, Antonio Diaferio from D.B.S., Paul van der Meer of Wetac Motive Power, Massimo Rivera of Alchemy Italia s.r.l., and Don Wallace from U.S. Battery. Not pictured is Daniele Napoli of FAAL Batterie s.r.l.

D.B.S. Battery, one of Italy’s largest battery and battery charger distributors, now supplies U.S. Battery products to its customers in a variety of industries including, industrial cleaning, marine, motor home, golf car, access/platforms, and aids for the disabled.

D.B.S. was founded in 2003, and partnered with battery distributors that used a competitive product. When D.B.S. broke away from its partnership in November of 2012, it took on the U.S. Battery line, due to the sustained performance and reliability that the U.S. Battery product delivers. “We are very happy and pleased to now have the quality of U.S. Battery products associated with our company,” says Antonio Diaferio, a principal in the D.B.S. operation.”

According to Paul Van der Meer of Wetac Motive Power, and U.S. Battery representative for Central Europe, the addition of  D.B.S. has closed up some distribution holes in the European battery market.  “U.S. Battery now has complete service available for all of Italy,” says Van der Meer. “The D.B.S. team brings with it a high level of product knowledge, as well as a solid distribution program necessary to move U.S. Battery to the next level here in Europe.”

U.S. Battery manufactures a variety of deep-cycle batteries that are all manufactured in the U.S.A. and distributed world-wide. For more information, contact U.S. Battery 1675 Sampson Ave. Corona, CA 92879. (800) 695-0945. Visit U.S. Battery on-line at

Initial Capacity Comparison

How U.S. Battery Achieves The Highest Initial Capacity With No Cycle Loss

One of the best ways to compare deep-cycle batteries, is to look at the initial capacity when the battery is new, right out of the box as shipped. Many deep-cycle battery manufacturers use an old school approach and simply use higher specific gravity acid (AKA: Hot Acid) to achieve high initial capacity readings. At U.S. Battery, we do not use higher specific gravity acid. Higher specific gravity acid does give a higher initial capacity, but the sacrifice is shortened cycle life.

We encourage customers to check for themselves by using a hydrometer on one of our brand new, out of the box US8VGC-XC2 batteries. The results will speak for themselves. At U.S. Battery,  we use XC2™ to achieve the high initial capacity without sacrificing cycle life. Without a doubt, this provides more power out of the box than our closest competitor and produces a longer cycle life too. For more information, visit our website at, or contact us at (800) 695-0945.